Bama the Shar-Pei Rottweiler Mix

Shar-Pei Rottweiler Mix Breed Dog Picture

Shar-Pei Rottweiler Mix

From Mary James: Bama was one of 10 puppies of a Rottweiler mom and Shar-Pei dad. He has been a great dog, coloring of a Rottie, but face and loose skin of Shar-Pei. He is now almost 12 years old and in great health. He is smart and protective, but can be anxious. Bama is a total sweetie-pie

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  1. juls harper says:

    Awww, such a sweet face. I have a half Rottweiler half Border Collie I brought back to US with me from UK. She was not treated well by men before I rescued her from the shelter and still is very projective of me around them. I am moving to a place in the country where I can start a mini farm and see if she can herd goats as well as she does horses and children. Juls and Bonnie and Ole Walker (the hound).

  2. Sharon says:

    Bama looks a lot like my Moshi. How much does Bama weigh? Moshi is 93 pounds. Wisdom Panel says Moshi is a mastiff/dandi dinmont mix. Hard to believe. Everyone says Moshi looks like a rotti/shar pei mix. How did you determine Bama’s lineage?

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