Lady Bird – Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler Mix

Rottweiler Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Photo Picture

Rottweiler Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

From Jeff: Lady Bird is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler mix. She is a smart lol loving and kind loves kids. She is a crazy dog and thinks she a lap dog @ 85lbs.

3 Responses to “Lady Bird – Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler Mix”

  1. E. Bass says:

    Is this dog up for adoption? We are former RR Breeders (Years ago) but are looking for a good Roddy
    for a family pet. Empty nestors! NO dogs No Cats.

  2. Jill says:

    Don’t know where u are located, but I just fell in love. Please email me if u still have her.

  3. Stephen Tohlman says:

    My family rescued a ridge back Rottweiler mix
    His name was jordan. i have had dogs all my life great ones.
    Jordan was a dog’s dog i can never have another dog because of him
    8 years after his death my eyes are dripping writing this
    If anyone has a chance to have one do it
    Your life will be that much better

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