Nova a Rottweiler Mix

Rottweiler Mix

Rottweiler Mix

From Sheena: My fiance got Nova off of Craigslist for me and spend a ton of money on her!! Come to find out Nova is definitely not pure bred Rottweiler. Which is fine with me! Nova is 8 weeks old and only 4 lbs so i know she will be on the smaller side. We love her just the same!

When we got her she was full of worms and was a very sick little girl. We took care of her and now shes good as new. I have no idea how big she will get or even if she is part Rotti at all, i could care less. The moment we brought her home she stole our hearts. Sh;es extremely smart and feisty! Even though we got tricked I’d do it all over again to have little Nova.

2 Responses to “Nova a Rottweiler Mix”

  1. Stefano Castellanos says:

    NOVA is divine! I also have a mix and they are much more interesting. I love mine and I am glad u love yours! I see she is a very smart one! Love her just the same. Good for u guys that you care! oxoxoxo

  2. juan says:

    Are u giving nova for adoption

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