Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix

Shar-Pei Rottweiler Mix picture

Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix

From Denise: Oso, a Rottie-Pei (Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix), is now 5 years old; he is surely in his prime of life! Along with characteristic tan markings and coral eyes, he has filled out to be 92 pounds giving him more of the male Rottweiler trait than Sharpei. He is loving, loyal and enjoys daily long walks along with playing with his friends at the dog park. His flews and “Topper Hat” ears make him a handsome dog indeed! We love you rescue dog, Oso!

I love my best friend! Thanks for putting my precious Rottie-Pei’s picture on the Internet!

2 Responses to “Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix”

  1. Jill Wass says:

    Looking for a rott-pei young dog, please let me know if u get any thanks

  2. Denise says:

    Okay. I’ll check and see if Oso’s breeder is still in business. You may have to travel out of state to go get one. Get one that has papers on the parents; they won’t suffer from so many typical breed diseases then.

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