Sam the Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard Mix

Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard Mix Picture

Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard Mix

From Kellie: Sam is a Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard mix. Sam is a very spirited and happy St. Bernard/Bernese Mountain dog mix. Like the St. Bernard, he is very family oriented, and loves to be around people. He also gains some good qualities from the Bernese Mountain Dog such as how he is gentle-natured and non-aggressive. My boy Sam would’t hurt a fly, but he is sure to let you know if an unknown person or animal is near by without your notice by letting out his very intimidating bark. Sam loves to play with people, but will not touch a doggie toy! He does not respond well to aggression from people, he will hide away in a corner with the saddest puppy look on his face making you feel terrible for even being mad. All in all, Sam is a wonderful family dog, being calm and gentle (perfect for children) while at the same time protecting your home as our own alarm system 🙂

2 Responses to “Sam the Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard Mix”

  1. Ryan says:

    That is nowhere close to a Bernard bernese mix. That dog doesn’t even have long hair which both of the breeds you claim he is has. Just because he has brown and white doesn’t mean you just call him whatever you want. That is a mutt. And unless you have the breeder credentials and all his original paperwork you are lying to yourself and others.

  2. Aparil says:


    My girl is a St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog mix, and does not have long hair. St. Bernard’s also come in short hair – so you are sadly misinformed.

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