Shar-Pei Mix with Samoyed Pooka

Shar-Pei Mix With Samoyed

Samoyed Shar-Pei Mix

From Jacqueline: Pooka is a lively “Sampei” puppy, Shar-Pei Mix with Samoyed. He is new to my home and already taking over my heart. He LOVES rolling around in the snow, and trying to make friends with the less-than-willing cat. We are still learning things like where to go to the bathroom, and no the couch is NOT a toy. But for only being seven weeks old he is learning fast!

He loves sleeping with a “pillow” under his face, whether that be his favorite stuffed dragon or my leg. Going on walks isn’t something that we do quite yet, as any resistance to the leash results in a flop over or a quick lay down. (Preferably in the snow.)

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  1. Monica says:

    Is he a puppy?

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