Jimmie Boy the Shar-Pei Bull Terrier Mix

Shar-Pei Bull Terrier Mix picture

Shar-Pei Bull Terrier Mix

From Melissa: Where do I start? Jimmy was so loving, he would cuddle with you & sleep right next to us. We got Jimmy when he was 10 weeks old & he lived to be 13 years old. The day we brought him home he was house broken. Jimmy would knock on the door when he wanted to go out or when he wanted to come in. He was so smart. He understood us.

Jimmy had a unique look. The Shar-Pei gave him those couple little wrinkles but the Bull Terrier pulled out most of the wrinkles & made him SO cute. Jimmy was so good with kids. We have a 9 year old girl, Hope.

Jimmy was FULL of personality. It seems like all 3 dogs we have ever had always had tons of personality & were funny. Jimmy made us laugh & when he passed away he made us cry. Nobody will EVER take Jimmy Boy’s place, he truly was a unique dog. When we get an animal they are not pets…they are Family. R.I.P JIMMY BOY♡ We will always love you & we will never forget you. It took us a while to even bring ourselves to get Trixie Girl, our new puppy. We do have room in our hearts to love another dog, but she will never take your place. We love you & miss you more then words could ever express. ♡♥♡

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