Poodle Shih Tzu Mix

Poodle Shih Tzu Mix

Poodle Shih Tzu Mix

I looked at this picture and figured it to be some bear, raccoon, monkey, elf,  kitty cat hybrid. Apparently it’s not any of the above but rather it’s a Toy Poodle Shih Tzu mix breed. This would make a smart small dog that if you are lucky, it want be shedding all of that bear fur.

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  1. pauly d says:

    oh my god i got to get snookie one of these

  2. I Love your website. I’m gonna post a link on my Twitter Page!

  3. HomeList says:

    LOL, that dog is too cute. It looks like a little forest creature.

  4. RivVx says:

    Cute! He looks like our male Pomeranian, 1/3 Peke/Shih. We call him a bear wibble.

  5. I LOVE this dog. Is there someone breedeing this dog? I want one he/she is sooooo cute.



    • Cristin Fritz says:

      I have a male… 🙂 Beautiful! He is all black with a little white strip under his neck. Orlando, FL if anyone is looking to breed their female.

  6. lpose says:

    that looks just like my dog but she’s a morkie poo
    thats a maltees yorkie poodle cuttttttttttttttte!!!

  7. Jody Szubinski says:

    I am interested in one of your puppies for sale if you have any remaining left. Please contact me at my email address thank you for your time.


  8. Ed Terwilliger says:

    Cute puppy. My wife and I recently got a puppy that looks very similar, only black and white. My question is about their ears. Neither a poodle nor a shih tzu have ears that stand up. Is there something else in the mix??

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