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Rodger the American Bulldog English Setter Mix

From Jeff: Rodger is an American Bulldog English Setter mix. We adopted Roger 5 months ago, when he was about 10 months old. We would have loved to see him as a little puppy! But currently, he’s a big 70lb. boy who has a LOT of energy! At this point, he’s done growing, we hope! […]


Jasper the American Bulldog Samoyed Mix

From Stephy:  Jasper the American Bulldog Samoyed mix. My family adopted Jasper at 13 weeks old from a shelter, he looked like a shepherd mix. He whines when he wants something. Very smart, trained to sit, come, speak, lay down, and housed train in the matter of days. He hides his treats behind pillows and under […]


Foxhound, American Bulldog, Great Dane Mix

The sighting of this dog would definitely produce the question: “What kind of a dog is that?” Once someone is told that it is a Great Dane, Foxhound, American Bulldog mix it would make sense. The Great Dane mix size is obvious. The American Foxhound colors are apparent. The face is primarily that of an […]