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American Staffordshire Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

From Becki: Victor is a rescue dog. We fostered him, fell in love, and he found his forever home with us! He’s a goofy, silly boy, and smart as a whip! Victor enjoys going fishing on the boat, obedience training, and is training to be a therapy dog. He also loves to romp and play […]


HeShEr the American Staffordshire Terrier German Shepherd Mix

From Katarina: HeShEr the American Staffordshire Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd mix. He Has The Playful Lets Wrestle & Run around like a bull in a china shop (making as much noise as one!), Let me lean up against you, Wrap my paws around you for a “hug”, Wiggly Butt Qualities like a Staff. or […]


Banshee the Boxer German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Ozz C.: Banshee has 5 breeds in 1, her mom is German Shepherd D og, Boxer and Collie and her dad is American Staffordshire Terrier and Rottweiler. She has been confused with a Rhodesian Ridgeback because she gets a “mohawk” when she gets scared or defensive, she loves cats, kids and bigger dogs but […]


Rocco the American Staffordshire Terrier Rottweiler Mix

From Jocelyn: Rocco is our six month old American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog mix. We bought him over a website from someone who just couldn’t care for him anymore at only 8 weeks, he enjoys CHEWING on things, tug-o-war, and playing with our cat! he is the most happy go lucky dog I’ve […]


Abby the American Staffordshire Terrier Mastiff Mix

From Sarah: Abby is a very sweet girl with lots of energy. We live in a small town where sadly many dogs are abandoned and live on the streets. Abby was found by our neighbor at the local Hardee’s drive thru window looking quite hungry. They picked her up and brought her home. When my […]


Josie the American Staffordshire Terrier Bull Mastiff Mix

Josie is an amazing mix from the Bully family. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier Bull Mastiff Mix. Her top priority is to to lick your face or hands till they prune, her number two priority is getting out for walks or to the park to play with her friends. She is 13 months old […]