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Beagle Shetland Sheepdog Mix

From Ashley: Cujo is a Beagle Shetland Sheepdog mix. Cujo is all play and no bite. He has Anxiety and is obsessed with my boyfriend (his “Daddy”) and greets him after he pulls in from work. He has the tracking ability of the Beagle with the hyperness & bark of the Sheltie. He looks like a Long […]


Molly the Boxer Beagle Mix

From Julianne: Molly is a Boxer Beagle mix. She is like my daughter. The most loving and affectionate dog i have ever known. Molly thinks she is human and so do we.


Not a mutt – a Red Boston Terrier??

I was running in Laguna Niguel Regional Park the other day and saw a woman walking a Boston Terrier and a similar dog but it was red and white. My thoughts were that it might be a French Bulldog mix. Maybe it had some Basenji due to the color and upright ears. The color could […]