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Cali the Sheltie Chow Mix

From Donna Irene: I am unsure of what mix Cali is, but I believe she could be a sheltie/chow. She definitely has the coloring of a chow and has a pink/black tongue, but is the size of a sheltie and herds like one. She is a rescue and is very friendly – loves her human […]


Tigger the Staffordshire Chow American Bulldog Mix

From Justine: Got my dog Tigger DNA tested and he’s 25% American staffordshire terrier, 25% chow chow, 25% American bulldog, 25% mix mostly of finnish Sptiz, then Labrador, Bull Terrier, and Red Coonhound. Tigger is a little over 4 months and he’s the best puppy I’ve ever seen and many others have said that about my […]


Chee Kough the Chow Chow Border Collie Mix

From Pouring: Chow Chow Border Collie Mix. He is about 70lbs now, beautiful, loving, intuitive, exuberant, joyful, playful, good teacher/student and great companion. I rescued him in June of 2011 and have lived in both rural and urban settings. He is well socialized, having been to California dog parks and beaches from Ocean Beach in […]


Shera the Chow Chow Red Heeler Mix

From Becca: Shera the Chow Chow Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) mix. She is loyal, intelligent, independent, stubborn, sweet natured, and cuddly!