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Kyo the Australian Cattle Dog Dutch Shepherd Mix

From Mel: Kyo is an Australian Cattle Dog Dutch Shepherd Mix . Kyo has a good personality, he is very very protective of his family. He is very good at catching tennis balls, jumping in the air off the ground almost a foot to catch them. He can leap over his own x-large breed crate and […]


Dutch Shepherd Rottweiler Mix – Anya

From Bonita: Anya is a Dutch Shepherd Rottweiler mix. We just picked her up, never heard of the hybrid breed before. We decided on her because the Shepherd is well known for there intelligence as well as the Rottweiler and we just fell in love with her brindle coat. I was wondering if anybody else […]


Labrador Retriever Dutch Shepherd Mix

From Jennifer: Blue is a very loyal family dog … Loves to play and cuddle. We got him for free from a friend and we have no idea what he is .. We think a Labrador mix? He is one of the coolest dogs we’ve ever had. He was jet black when he was born […]