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German Shepherd Lab Mix named Kona

Shepherd Lab Mix Kona is only 5 months. Even at this young age we can tell she is very trainable.  She is a German Shepherd Lab Mix.  She listens and responds well to commands. She is a sweetheart and a cuddler as well. I have never had a German Shepard before but she definitely has […]


German Shepherd Lab Mix with Boxer Maple

From Flagra: Maple is a Boxador German Shepherd Dog mix or a German Shepherd Lab Mix and Boxer. My dog is reddish fawn brown with a black nose. She has a white neck that fades to a rich reddish brown. Her eyes are a golden brown. When angered or protective she gets a high scruff on her […]


Lab Shepherd Mix – Penny with a Picture

From Chrissey & Emily: Penny is a Labrador Retriever German Shepherd dog or a Lab Shepherd Mix. Penny joined our family in April 2012 at about six weeks old. She’s been through obedience training and is a great companion! From AllMutt: For fun check out some other lab mixes and german shepherd mixes.


German Shepherd Lab Mix… we think

From Megan: My precious dog Lucy is full of happiness and love!! She absolutely loves getting attention and being petted. She talks a lot! If you look at her and don’t say anything she will talk you head off getting you to say something. I am not absolutely sure of what my precious Lucy is! […]


German Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix named Midas

From Max: Midas is German Shepherd Labrador Retriever mix that is full of energy, he never really slows down. It scares me how smart he is sometimes. He picks up on just about everything he’s taught. He’s about 75 pounds right now. He is 1 year old. Midas loves to play, and is a great dog.