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Luna the Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix

From Toni: Luna is a Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix. Luna is sweet and crazy. She loves meeting new people and getting her butt scratched. She loves fetch and her favorite game is “tug”. She is very cuddly and goofy. She hates bicycles, skateboards and jogging people. Luna has the appearance of a mini […]


Fiona the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

From Candace: Fiona is a Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix. She  is a aussie golden mix we think she may have lab and or german shepherd dog in her as well. but she mostly looks almost just like her mother. She likes to walk in circles around you when going on walks and she likes […]


Max the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Laura:  Max is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier German Shepherd Dog mix. Max is the most loving, loyal, cuddly guy you will ever know. He’s my best friend and true companion. I am not positive on the Staffordshire part except that all the characteristics I found online of that dog is in this dog.. […]


Mattingly the German Shepherd Mix

From Shawn: Mattingly is a German Shepherd Dog mix. We got Matti a little more than a year ago from North Shore Animal League in New York. She was 8 weeks old at the time, and we thought we were getting a big dog, but she has topped out around 40 pounds. She’s really sweet […]


German Shepherd Mix

From Russ: I got Miss Zoe from a homeless man who had to give her away. She was about seven months old at the time. I have grown to adore her (quirks and all!). She is VERY independent and somewhat aloof. At the dog park it is either me, tennis ball, or squirrel but does […]