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Redbone Coonhound Great Dane Mix

From Barbara: Kayley is a Redbone Coonhound Great Dane mix. Kayley is calm, gentle, and loving. She plays when it is time to play and she snuggles when it is time to snuggle. Every guest that walks in our door says “she’s a lover”. Loves other dogs (we have another puppy 1 month younger then […]


Seamus the Great Dane Saint Bernard Mix

From Eric: Seamus is a Saint Bernard Great Dane mix. Or a Great Saint or Saint Dane or a Great Bernard if you like.  He is 36 inches at the shoulder; 220 lbs. He has the height of a standard great dane and the general body shape except for the head where he is definitely […]


Amber a Great Dane American Bulldog Mix

From Brent: Amber a Great Dane American Bulldog mix. Her nickname is Tardo, the nickname speaks for itself as far as her personality goes. Her dad is a  Great Dane, and the mother an American Bulldog. Everyone says she looks like a boxer, but its obviously not true.


Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Picture

Nelly is a Great Dane German Shepherd mix.  She is intelligent with a sweet disposition. She will grow up to be a very big, affectionate and smart dog.