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Daisey the Great Dane Standard Poodle Mix

From : Daisey is a Great Danoodle Hybrid! She is a great family pet. I love a large dog and she is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to have loved. Her mother is AKC Registered Great Dane and Her Father is AKC Registered White Standard Poodle! She is a Blue […]


Great Dane Poodle Mix – Great Danoodle

By the looks of this guy, you might guess him to be a Beagle or maybe a Lab mix. But it turns out it’s a Great Dane Poodle mix, you might call him a Great Doodle or a Great Danoodle. In this case, the Poodle’s coat was not dominant and coloration is not very Dane.  […]


Great Danoodle – Great Dane Poodle Mix

Great Danoodle? I saw this picture and said “Wow!” That dog is a Great Dane Standard Poodle mix but it looks like one of those cartoon dogs that grew as big as a house. Or does it look like a Great Dane in a Poodle suit? A Great Danoodle!