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Bear the Rottweiler Great Pyrenees Mix

From Sierra:  Bear is a Rottweiler Great Pyrenees mix. He is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. He is great with kids and other dogs. He eats alot but hey he’s a growing puppy. This puppy is my world. He learns quick. He loves squeaky toys. He some horrible breath. And slobbers like […]


Boondox the Border Collie Great Pyrenees

From Shan: Boondox is a Border Collie Great Pyrenees  mix breed dog. Boondox is a very slow, lazy, big, pretty dog. she sheds a ton and rarely barks. Her favorite activities are napping, sleeping, and laying down. She is smart but stubborn.


Pippin the Rottweiler Great Pyrenees Mix

From Bekka: Pippin is a Rottweiler Great Pyrenees mix. As a puppy he was clumsy and always tripped over his huge webbed paws. Now that he’s almost two years old, he’s all muscle, loves to play ball, is gentle with small dogs and kids, very protective of his family-pack. He can run fast but not for […]


Cheetah the Akita Great Pyrenees Mix

From Jeanmarie:  This is Cheetah she is Akita/Great Pyrenees mix. She is 7 months old now and almost 70 pounds. She has double dewclaws on her back legs which is a Pyrenees trait. She is a very calm dog she loves kids. When my grandkids are out playing she is always around them as if […]


Princess the Chow Chow Great Pyrenees Mix

From Charlotte: Princess thexGreat Pyrenees Chow Chow mix. Oh Princess is great. She loves the water her and my boys play with her on the slip and slide all the time and whenever we go to the river swimming or fishing she always beats us to the water. She’s awesome, but a tad bit hyper.


Tobby a Chihuahua Great Pyrenees

From Jay: Tobby is a Chihuahua Great Pyrenees mix. Full of energy, very protective, like lots of attention, hates water (rain, bath, beach, ect) loves to eat. He likes to play toss and catch , also easy to train.