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Beau the Greyhound Australian Shepherd Mix

Greyhound Australian Shepherd Mix picture image

From Sonia: Beau is the most amazing dog! He is a Greyhound Australian Shepherd mix. He’s super obedient and loyal. Loves to come on trail rides when I take my horse out. He’s great with our 7 year old. Loves to tussle with our beagle and harass the barn cat. We got him from Lost […]


Lynde the Dutch Shepherd Greyhound Mix

From Carol: Lynde is a Dutch Shepherd Greyhound mix. We got her after she’d been turned back into rescue twice. She was 4 months old when we brought her home. She has an insane ball and toy drive, sees ‘prey’ in anything small (including my 17 yr old Italian greyhound mix rescue – 🙁 ) […]