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Rat Terrier German Shepherd Mix – Princess

From Jerel: My dog Princess is amazing. I’m not sure what she is exactly, she may be a Rat Terrier German Shepherd mix. When we bought her we were told she was a tea cup chihuahua. Obviously she isn’t. Our vet thinks she is a terrier mix. She this because of her energy. It’s through […]


Sasha the Beagle German Shepherd Mix

From Markus: We adopted Sasha one month ago. She was picked up as a stray. Her body, including coat, is most likely German Shepherd. Her muzzle is very Beagle-like. It also would explain her size, which is smaller than a German Shepherd Dog. She is very sweet and loving. She loves to play with our […]


Kilo the Boxer Pit Bull Husky GSD Mix

From Thomas: Kilo is a mix of 4 dogs American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), Boxer, Husky, and a tad bit German Shepherd Dog(GSD). He has picked up qualities from all breeds listed. Amazing scent (GSD), Strength, Stamina, and care (APBT), Pulling, willingness to keep going (Husky), and Intensity, easily excited, and stomping, as well as […]