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Husky Boxer Mix – named Sabre

From Haley: I couldn’t have chosen a better dog for my family…really. Even my veterinarian is jealous! Now that is saying something. I think  his markings are angelic with a personality to boot. He is wonderful with all three of my children along with my other animals and he will even let my children put […]


Kikazaru – Basenji Siberian Husky Mix

From Stevie: Kika is a adorable medium sized tri coloured girl with a very big personality! She is loyal and cuddly, loves sleeping in the bed every night. She is also independent and enjoys her private time. She is affectionate; always giving kisses, and is always so excited to see anybody who comes thru the front […]


Maya Khalisi The Chow Chow Australian Cattle Dog Mix

From Becca: Maya Khalisi is a Chow Chow Australian Cattle Dog mix. Maya is an amazing mix of breeds! Her father is a purebred grey & white Siberian Husky, and her mother is a Chow Chow X Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) cross. She is sweet and incredibly sensitive in nature. Maya is attentive, agile, […]


Jinx the Australian Cattle Dog Siberian Husky Mix

From Gina: Jinx is an Australian Cattle Dog Siberian Husky mix. Jinx just wants to be with me. She watches every move I make and follows me every where…but NEVER gets in my way. She loves to go for car rides….she just always wants to be by my side. If I have to leave her […]