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Nuttella the Plott Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix

Plott Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix Photo Picture

From Laura: After the loss of a dog that was my girl for 13 years I was heartbroken. After agonizing weeks and looking at so many dogs that needed a home I saw her and I spelled her name different than the spread. I saw Nuttella her pic just said to me please come get […]


Misty – Boxer Plott Hound Mix

Misty is a Boxer Plott Hound mix. She is a big goofy sweetheart. She can be as calm as can be and act a lot like Eeyore, or she can be as fast as a grey hound, running around at top speed. Most of the time, she just wants to be right at our side, […]


Tytan – Plott Hound Mastiff Mix

From Kim: Tytan is a Plott Hound Mastiff mix.  My dog Tytan looks like the mastiff but his brother Shaymus looks like the Plott Hound. As you can see from this photo, he may grow up to be a (remote) control freak.