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Barry the Pomeranian Terrier Mix

From Amanda: Barry is a Pomeranian Terrier mix.  He has Big eared, long legged, big toothed, curly tailed Dog. He`s stubborn, shy, territorial, and isn’t too good with big Dogs. Barry also loves to hunt, run, and play. He loves to jump and put his paws into water. Barry also loves walks but when not […]


Theodore the Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Mix

From Manda: Theodore is a Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian mix. His fur is honey brown, chocolate brown, and a little white. When he was born his ears were floppy, but now at 2 months his ears are starting to perk up.e was just a little puppy, he was very shy, but this breed easily outgrows that. […]


Brandy the Pomeranian Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

From Amanda: Brandy is a  Pomeranian Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix. Brandy is a shy and skittish Pom Corgi mix who is smart and loves food and walks.


Brandy the Shetland Sheepdog Pomeranian Mix

From : Brandy the Shetland Sheepdog Pomeranian mix.  She is skittish and shy towards strangers, but she is very loving and friendly to the people she loves and trusts. Brandy loves food, walks, fetch, and rides i to town! Brandy is a rescue Pom Sheltie mix from Kuwait!


Pumpkin the Pekingese Pomeranian Mix

From Cheryl: Pumpkin is our Peek-A-Pom….a Pekingese Pomeranian mix. She is my little lap dog. She wants nothing more than to be in my lap, arms, or right by my side. She is an awesome mix of breeds. She is a huge lover. If your having a bad day, she senses it and does whatever […]