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Mr. Man the Akita Rottweiler Mix

From Chris: Mr. Man is an Akita Rottweiler mix. He is the most lovable dog ever but he is just a brute. He has always loves to go out side. Hes very close us and is very protective of my family. He doesn’t like other male dogs though.


Indiana the Akita Rottweiler Mix

From Joyce: We adopted Indy, so we don’t know much about him. We’ve heard German Shepherd Dog, Akita, Rottweiler, Border Collie… What’s your guess? From AllMutt: Just from this picture, I see a lot of Rottweiler with the color and shape of the head and the one ear that’s flopping over. I also see Akita […]


Lady Bird – Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler Mix

From Jeff: Lady Bird is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler mix. She is a smart lol loving and kind loves kids. She is a crazy dog and thinks she a lap dog @ 85lbs.