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Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix

From Denise: Oso, a Rottie-Pei (Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix), is now 5 years old; he is surely in his prime of life! Along with characteristic tan markings and coral eyes, he has filled out to be 92 pounds giving him more of the male Rottweiler trait than Sharpei. He is loving, loyal and enjoys daily long walks […]


Brady the Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix

From Sheila: Brady is an 8 week old the Rottweiler Shar-Pei mix puppy who is very lovable! He loves to be near people. He will follow me from room to room and loves to nap in my arms (for now)! The past owners told me he has pug in him too. What do you think?