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Hera the Border Collie Saint Bernard Mix

From Bethany: Hera is my 10 yr old, 60 lb Border Collie mutt I rescued. Her mom was a purebred collie that got out once and came back pregnant, so her other breeds are a guess. She kind of has German Shepherd or St Bernard coloring (she actually looks a lot like a small Leonberger). […]


Sam the Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard Mix

From Kellie: Sam is a Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard mix. Sam is a very spirited and happy St. Bernard/Bernese Mountain dog mix. Like the St. Bernard, he is very family oriented, and loves to be around people. He also gains some good qualities from the Bernese Mountain Dog such as how he is gentle-natured […]


Moose the Saint Bernard Australian Cattle Dog Mix

From Andrew: Moose is an Australian Cattle Dog in a St. Bernard’s body. He is large and in charge. His instinct to herd is amazing to watch. Moose loves to play fetch and tug-o-war. If our other dog touches me without permission, moose herds him a safe distance away. His job is to protect his […]


Seamus the Great Dane Saint Bernard Mix

From Eric: Seamus is a Saint Bernard Great Dane mix. Or a Great Saint or Saint Dane or a Great Bernard if you like.  He is 36 inches at the shoulder; 220 lbs. He has the height of a standard great dane and the general body shape except for the head where he is definitely […]


Bernie – German Shepherd Saint Bernard Mix

From Erin: Bernie is a German Shepherd Dog Saint Bernard mix. Bernie is a very social and loving guy. He is a stocky 85 lbs with a very a very soft double coat, webbed spotted feet, and curled up tail that never goes straight. He loves water, people, and treats. I do not know what […]