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Little Bear the Terrier Mix

From Danielle: We have no idea what Little Bear is, we got him from a abusive home when he as 3 months old, he is super happy all the time and runs around like crazy after baths, he is just super energetic. He loves to play fetch and he is a little over  one year old. […]


Neo the Poodle Terrier Mix

From Veronica: Neo is a Poodle Terrier Mix. Neo has the smarts of both a poodle and a terrier (not sure on the exact breed of terrier exactly) and the wits of who knows what else. He can climb like a cat and runs like deer. He was super hyper as a puppy and even […]


Rio the Border Collie Terrier Mix

From Monica: Rio is a Border Collie Terrier mix. He’s a five month old rescue from Oakland, CA. He’s quite smart and is learning lots of new tricks. He loves to stick his head out of the car window. He’s very energetic and sweet. We look forward to getting to know him better and for […]