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Napolean the Beagle Whippet Mix

From Tawni: Napolean is a Beagle Whippet mix. He has a Beagle head with a Whippet body and brindle coat- has the whippet run as well :). He definitely picked up mostly whippet personality traits- runs hard and fast in short bursts and is mostly lazy around the house and has definite separation anxiety issues. […]


Zofi the Whippet German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Lisbeth: Zofi is a Whippet German Shepherd Dog mix. Our female dog is very slender, taller than most male dogs, with a shoulder height of 65 cm (26 inches) and weighs 31 kg (68 pounds). She has a long body, a very deep chest, sight hound typical rose ears and has a lot of […]


Penny the Whippet Boxer Mix

From Christine: Penny is Whippet Boxer mix. She’s as fast as lightening and boxes like a champ. She has the small sleek frame of a Whippet and the face of a Boxer. She’s constantly confused as a pure bred Boxer puppy, maybe because she still acts like a pup. She has tons of energy to […]