Koda the Labrador American Bulldog Mix

Labrador American Bulldog Mix Picture

Labrador American Bulldog Mix

From Breana: Koda is a medium, muscular, compact, ball of energy. He is honestly the most amazing dog in such a small package i have ever seen. His amount of muscle and drive to please amazes me. I do not know his breeds at all, we just guess. We think he has American Bulldog, Pointer, and some Labrador Retriever, but we aren’t sure. (Feel free to tell me your guesses) He is my pride and joy and shows me to love life for everything that it is. He is my best friend!

I really would love to hear guesses to what Koda is (: I’m just so curious as to what mix he could be, he has so many mannerisms of many dogs. Many people say “he has to have lab in him!” the only reason i agree with this, is his coat is a bit longer than say a pointers. But stood next to a lab he looks nothing like one. He also has ghostly brown tinting on his fur in the spots where rotties do. His leg muscles are very visual. He has long flat head and mussel like that of a pointer. I’m so so curious!

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  1. maria says:

    I jut got a puppy that I think is part lab/terrier but look a lot like your dog now that she is 3 months old know I can see some brownish in her.

  2. Matt says:

    My dog Lilly looks just like that we had her evaluated and she is a lab pointer mix

  3. Joe says:

    My guess just by that picture would be probably some kind of spaniel crossed to a lab or to a pit or to a lab pit mix. The reason I say that is his ears are larger, his longer hair, and his size makes me think maybe one of his parents was something like a springer spaniel. His hind quarters and chest are more muscular looking and his build strikes me as pit but there very well could be some lab in there. He is gorgeous. Both spaniels and pits have lots of energy and want to play all the time. Same goes for labs but for my money he is a spaniel/pit.

  4. Marcy says:

    Koda is beautiful!! He literally could be my dog Riley’s daddy. Same coat color and pattern but Riley his mouth is longer and slight slimmer than Koda. When I took him to veterinarian, she told me me he was a mix of “Brittany Spaniel and Lab”.. So maybe yours is the same.
    Good luck!

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