Patches Something Mixed with Something Else

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Mix Breed Dog

From Kayla: My patches is hyper. I am not sure what type of dog he is. I got him from my friends. They have two of the same kind. Only their dogs are older. They are kinda big. I think Patches is only 3-6 months. I want to know his breed. So if you could help me I would be much obliged. Thank you

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  1. AllMutt says:

    I don’t know Patches as well as you do, I’m not sure of his size but here’s my guesses. The colors and pattern make me think Boston Terrier and Dalmatian. Other than that something makes me think there’s some American Pit Bull Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier. I doubt there is any connection but Patches reminds me of this Shar Pei Pointer mix.

  2. Kelsey says:

    i’m not sure, but, given his energy level and look, i’d say he could definitely have some Jack Russell in there somewhere….. he could also have pit bull, cattle dog, something in there to make him a bit bigger than a Jack Russell and give him a broader face and longer tail. you can get dna tests done to fine out what breeds are in there, but i don’t know how much they cost.

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